How To Make Money From Scrap Metal and Farm Machinery

If you’re looking to make some extra money from what you have lying around your property, you’ve come to the right place. We have created this handy little guide for you with information on how you can make money from scrap metal recycling and farm machinery. Here you’ll find need to know information on what kind of metals you can sell and how to sort through your scrap.

Let’s get going:

What types of scrap metal can you sell?

Different types of scrap metal will bring in different levels of profit. The two basic types of scrap metal are ferrous and non-ferrous.

  • Ferrous Metals

Ferrous consists of magnetic metals such as Beams, Plate , Cast Iron, Steel sheet,  Roofing Iron and Machinery. Most scrap metal belongs in this category.

Cars, tractors and other similar items also fall into the ferrous scrap metal category, meaning your old machinery could be included in this group. 

  • Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals consist of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, electrical wire and other similar materials. You can get good money from selling bare copper wire as it is quite hard to come by. 

Aluminium cans are another type of non-ferrous recyclable scrap, they don’t offer a great return in cash as they are the most common non-ferrous items that can be recycled.

What Kinds of Scrap Metal Are Best to Sell? 

You might already be thinking about the scrap metal or machinery you have lying around, but before you start with your scrap metal recycling, there are some important things to consider as there are different kinds of scrap metals that are better to sell than others. 

The bottom line is it depends on the resources you have available. If you work in construction, you’ll probably have more access to non-ferrous metals which generally offer a great profit. On your farm, you’ll probably have a decent number of ferrous metals, but if you’ve had any construction or electric work done on your property, you might have some non-ferrous metals too. 

A handy tip: when selling copper, you’ll get more money if you strip the plastic coating off the copper wire before recycling it, as most companies don’t have time to do that and will just throw it away. 

Sort through your scraps

Once you have an idea of the different types of metals you can make money from, it’s time to sort through your scraps. If you have the means you can also break apart your machinery and salvage any working parts or parts that can be recycled. You never know what might be worth saving and selling for a decent price. Allsteel Recycling offers great scrap metal recycling services, we’ll collect your scrap in exchange for prompt payment. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and always carry out our operations with utmost safety and care. To learn more about scrap metal recycling and collection, contact us today. 

Mat Gilby

Mat Gilby

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