How Do You Remove Scrap Metal And Machinery From Farms Safely

Be it parts from the old shed, bent and broken fencing materials, or the tractor that broke down last year, every farm has its share of scrap metal and old machinery that needs removing and recycling.

Tidying up isn’t just a cathartic experience but removing old scrap metal before the next windstorm or fire season is just good sense. 

It’s not an easy task though as most farms house large metal sheets and old rusted machinery, how do you even begin to remove these items? Should you call an expert, can you get it removed on your own, and where do you dispose of your scrap?

Luckily, we have a few important things for you to consider for scrap metal and machinery removal from your farm.

Scrap metal bins

A great way to start removing your scrap metal or old machinery is to look into scrap metal bins. If your farm requires a major scrap cleanout, then engaging a scrap metal company to supply bins could be the ticket you need. Scrap bins are great ways to collect all your items and parts for scrap metal recycling. 

Machinery might be a bit harder to move and dispose of, but if you can break apart any parts that you can safely throw away, they can also be added to your bin. This not only helps to ensure you don’t have any stray scrap metal lying around, but it will also help when it comes time to remove the scrap and parts from your property. 

Allsteel Recycling has a range of different scrap metal bins to accommodate your cleanout needs. Not only will we provide you with your bin, but we will take the bin when you’re done with it and we’ll even buy your scrap for metal recycling. 

Gear up

When dealing with scrap metal and old machinery, you need to ensure your safety by wearing the right protective gear. You’ll want to wear thick clothing that covers your skin, steel cap work boots, goggles and thick gloves. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure your tetanus vaccination is up to date as cuts or puncture wounds from metal can be very dangerous, and the treatment for such conditions is more complicated than prevention. Even if you are just moving scrap metal into a bin or around your property, you should always wear safety gear. 

Leave it to the experts

While you might be a skilled farmer or farmhand, the safest way to remove scrap metal or machinery from your farm is still by hiring professional services. Allsteel Recycling offers services in scrap metal bins, cleanouts of building sites, factories and properties, demolition and machinery collection. We can also buy your scrap metal and things such as batteries, PVC and copper wire for recycling.

Allsteel Recycling has you covered

We can help you with all of your scrap metal and machinery removal needs. For scrap metal recycling or removal in Melbourne, Allsteel Recycling has got you covered. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and conducting operations in the safest way possible, following all safety measures to ensure your removal is a success. For more information on our scrap metal and machinery removal services or to learn more about our scrap metal recycling, contact us today.

Mat Gilby

Mat Gilby

Allsteel Recycling