How Do You Dispose Of Large Metal Objects?

At every industrial location in Australia, you’re sure to find scrap metal piling up. Whether it’s old machinery, appliances or waste materials from a metal-based project, there’s bound to be scrap lying around. If these things are treated correctly, they could just end up in landfill. This is a waste in every sense of the word, so how do you dispose of these large metal objects the right way?


Scrap metal is a commodity that can be recycled and utilised to avoid ending up in a landfill. Choosing to recycle or, better yet, use a scrap metal pick up service will not only keep it out of landfills but will also lessen the quantity of trash you have to send to the dump, thereby saving you money on dumping fees.


Most people think of aluminium cans when they think about metal recycling. The most prevalent type of metal recycled is aluminium, in its various forms. Examples include window frames or wire screen doors. Rather than paying to dispose of it, you may earn some money while helping the environment. Recycling aluminium can save around 80% of the energy required to create it from the ground up.


What Are The Benefits of Scrap Metal Pick Up?

Sure, you can dispose of your metal, but we find a much better method to be recycling, especially when it comes to white goods. White goods are big metal items that are replaced daily and they take up way too much space in the landfill. The same goes for any piece of now-defunct industrial machinery. To reduce our environmental impact, it is far better to dismantle white goods and machines, then recycle as much as possible. These items will be accepted by most scrap metal pick up services and they will separate the parts as needed for recycling.


Every battery in Australia must be replaced regularly. They can’t be thrown out in your standard rubbish can, and we don’t want them to end up in a landfill as they can contain dangerous compounds that pose environmental and safety risks. Toxic materials can bleed into the soil and reclaiming land that has been used for landfills to make it suitable for habitation can be costly and challenging. Just another reason why you should recycle metal goods. 


Is All Metal Eligible For Scrap Metal Pick Up?

Fortunately, practically all metals are recyclable. Ferrous metals are recyclable, with steel being one of the most recycled materials accessible. Non-ferrous scrap metal is frequently recycled due to its widespread application. The metallurgy sector relies on secondary materials found in scrap to meet its demand for new metals. As a result, you won’t have any trouble scraping most of the metal or metal-containing items you have around the house. However, some metals will not be accepted at a scrap yard or are simply too complex or risky to recycle, making them harder to dispose of. Anything radioactive, or anything containing mercury or lead are no good for recycling.


Can Metal Be Put In Landfill Instead of Scrap Metal Pick Up?

Due to the strong demand for landfill space, the cost of disposing of garbage is exceptionally high. Furthermore, buried metals such as copper may cause environmental harm, such as contamination of groundwater resources. Copper recycling prevents it from ending up in landfills and harming the environment.


Consider what would happen if every single piece of metal ever manufactured was never recycled. Scrap metals would be dumped at an alarming rate on the planet, potentially contaminating waterways. Of course, the raw material from which metal is manufactured is limited. It will eventually run out if we continue to mine it. We are expanding the supply of metals for future generations while lessening the damage to our environment by recycling.


Allsteel Recycling Scrap Metal Pick Up

It’s important to recycle your large metal items and not dispose of them incorrectly. Even though most metals can be recycled, ensure you know the metals you’re disposing of to keep any dangerous materials from where they don’t belong. Allsteel Recycling offers terrific scrap metal pick up and uses specialised machinery to safely and effectively demolish and collect scrap metal for recycling. To inquire about our service, contact us today.

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Mat Gilby

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