What Is Involved In A Farm Cleanout?

If you work on a farm, you’ll know that it requires serious grit and elbow grease. You also need equipment that is reliable, that you can use day in, day out. Sometimes, your machines will break down. It’s a sad fact of life. When they need replacing that can mean you wind up with spare parts scattered about. Unusable waste, right? Wrong! You should think about selling old, out of work machines and parts to scrap metal recyclers. You can tidy up your farm, and earn yourself some money.

Allsteel Recycling love to take scrap metal off your hands. What’s useless to you might be useful to us. We’re happy to offer a fair price for whatever you’ve got. You might think your old tow truck or tractor is good for nothing, but we’ll get rid of it for you and harvest it for parts. The free space you gain can be invaluable, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done the responsible thing. 

Let’s make it easy for you – we’ll run through a few of the types of scrap metal we most frequently collect. Once we’ve done that, we’ll give you the hot tip on why you should choose Allsteel to swap your trash for treasure. 

Scrap Metal Recyclers’ Frequently Collected Items 

Farming technology is improving at a rate of knots. Things that used to be chunky and oversized are being made sleek and lightweight. The old equipment keeps getting left to rust away or squished into a landfill – what a waste, literally. Allsteel’s mission is to fix that. We pay owners for their defunct machines, assuming they’re in good nick. You can reap a reward for selling us the gear you don’t use anymore! Here’s a list of farming tools you can sell to us so we can recycle them.


If you’ve got an old reaper, or an old reaper blinder, chances are it’s got some parts we can use. Don’t send your reaper to a landfill, give us a ring instead.


If it’s got an engine in it, we’ll find a way to make use of it. Whether it’s portable or agricultural, we’ll have a look at it. Ploughing engines and traction engines are in our wheelhouse as well. 


Steam tractor or standard tractor, we’d love to have a look at any old ones of these you’ve got lying around. The amount of meat we can pick off this bone, so to speak, would surprise you!

Threshing & Winnowing Machines

Same as with tractors, don’t get rid of your old thresher or winnower too soon. Check in with Allsteel Recycling and we’ll see if we can take it for parts instead.

Other Equipment

If you give us a run down of the scrap you’ve got, we’ll let you know what we can take. If you’ve got a drag harrow, a hog oiler, a combine, or a flail, that’s definitely going to pique our interest. Even bits and pieces of steel (plate, tubular, etc.), spare metal, or rusted plows will recycle well. 

Give Allsteel a call today and find out how much using scrap metal recyclers could be worth to you!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Scrap Metal Recyclers?

In the simplest terms, you’ll get extra money and free space. What’s not to love about that? Our team will transport your junk away from your farm and handle all the jobs you don’t want to bother with. Weighing the metal, taking it apart, seperating the valuable metal from the scrap – we’ve got it covered. We’re experts, so if you give us a tour of your farm we’ll keep our eye out for what’s going to net you the most money..


Reclaiming extra space on your farm is a huge benefit. Things can look tidier, and you gain back areas that you couldn’t use before. There’s another benefit of this that’s often overlooked. Getting rid of scrap metal eliminates huge aspects of your liability. Open areas are less dangerous, and scrap metal can cause accidents. Removing and recycling it can keep you save in physical, financial, and legal senses.


Don’t forget the further reaching benefits of using scrap metal recyclers. Recycling is a much more sustainable choice than sending scrap to a landfill. Every decision you make can help limit your carbon emissions. Using scrap metal recyclers is one of these decisions that can have an impact far outside yourself. 

Allsteel Recycling – Victoria’s Scrap Metal Recyclers

Now you know what’s involved in a farm cleanout. Give Allsteel Recycling a call to organise yours today. Our respectful, hardworking scrap metal recyclers will give you their all. They’ll ensure that you get a fair price for your scrap metal. 


Mat Gilby

Mat Gilby

Allsteel Recycling